When you are farming large quantities of fish, just as with land based farming, it is important to control the amount of pathogens in the environment of animals and on the equipment used to handle them.

Our Vetgene Surface Cleaner is readily biodegradeable and contains no marine pollutants, unlike a large proportion of general cleaners. This product can be used to clean all equipment as it is pH neutral so will not cause damage.

Halamid can be used as a general sanitiser and as a sanitiser to treat diseases on fish such as white spot.

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Halamid has been tested for it efficacy on its killing ability of Didymo, a test was carried out by Niwa using the method explained in "Studies on the survivability of the invasive diatom Didymosphenia geminata under a range of environmental and chemical conditions". NIWA Client Report CHC2006-116. For Biosecurity New Zealand. (The methodology for distinguishing live cells from dead cells is described in Section 2.2.1 of that report, on page 7).  Although the information is not published in this report as the testing was done after this report was published it was found that a 5% solution of Halamid had a <99% effectiveness when exposed to Didymo for one minute.  We are going to get our Vetgene Surface Sanitiser tested and will put forward the results of that test once they have been completed.


Halamid® is the perfect solution for aquaculture disinfection. Very effective against fish and shrimp pathogenic microorganisms, fish farmers know it also as Chloramine-T, an indispensable product in any aquaculture disinfection need, from the nursery and growing tanks to the fish processing plant. Trout farm disinfection with Halamid® is a traditional operating procedure. With the expansion of land-based aquaculture operations, Halamid® is applied more and more as disinfectant for other aquaculture species.

Disinfection of tanks and ponds, nets, equipment, well boats and in the fish processing industry with Halamid® ensures that pathogenic microorganisms are rapidly and effectively destroyed.

In trout farm disinfection, fish farmers have since long trusted Halamid® against pathogenic bacteria, such as the ones responsible for Bacterial Gill Disease (BGD) or external columnaris. Halamid® is also a highly efficient disinfectant for aquaculture against many parasites, for example Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (white spot disease), Gyrodactylus and Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis (Amoebic Gill Disease) parasites.

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