Pet Stores

Vet Hygiene Solutions was developed to supply quality proven hygiene products to the veterinary industry. It is only natural that these same high quality products would find application in the pet store to provide the cleanest possible environment for your animals.

Animals are often in close contact with other animals and in contact with many people and they can become unwell as a result of environmental contamination.

Our Vetgene Surface Cleaner and Vetgene Surface Sanitiser can be used for a multitude of applications, the most common being:

      • enclosure cleaning
      • bowl cleaning
      • bedding and toy cleaning
      • enclosure sanitising
      • bowl sanitising
      • bedding and toy sanitising

Also useful for the above applications is our Halamid and in addition Halamid can be used to sanitise drinking water if the quality cannot be assured.  If you suspect contaminants such as Giardia then add diluted Halamid to your water.

(Halamid Dilution Rates for drinking water treatment. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSAGE. The dosage to make water potable is 20mg Halamid per 1 litre of water, leave to settle for 1 hour before drinking, the water should be clear and free from undisolved particles.)

To prevent cross contamination our VHS Hand Sanitiser C+ should be provided for use by all persons coming into contact with the animals.  VHS Hand Sanitiser C+ is a hospital grade sanitiser containing 0.5% Chlorhexadene and 70% Ethanol in a non-fragranced gel form.

For a helpful guide on the control of Giardia one of the most common causes of illness for pet store puppies